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Friday, 18 December 2015

DILWALE -100th Review

My Quick take is a adorable 4.2 Star Rating
SRK's Charm , Adorable chemistry of evergreen onscreen Jodi i.e Kajol & SRK, Exotic shooting locations , Mind Blowing Classy action  , Soothing music , energy & enthusiastic youth power Kriti & Varun ,All & All total entertainment , fun , emotion clubbed with the Super cars drifting , blowing & Bombarding over & out in  Rohit shetty eStyle . What gets down the ratings is a Uneven Pace , predictable plot & a few un-necessary  characters bumping into sequences . Overall a Perfect & full too entertainer which keeps up to its tagline SOME LOVE STORIES NEVER END & finally you get to see the King himself mouthing his EPIC Dialouge 'Bade Bade Desho Mai aisii Choti Choti Baate hoti rehti hai seniorita"  A perfect gift for this CHRISTMAS .


The Story is simple going story with a predictable plot but executed in a differnt manner ,screenplay goes in a butter flow manner delivering you fun going moments to laugh out loud , Emotions to get your heart in action & next the action sequences beautifully crafted and executed on the celluloid which pump in a lot of adrenaline within specially the action sequences by SRK , The narration decieves you many times when you feel ABB AISE HOGA but then KUCH AUR HI HOTA HAI , The point @ which we break for the interval is a point that gets in a lot of curosity among the audience , and that soon cracks post the interval . Now to sum up the story in short  SRK back as Raj Yet again and he is once a GANGSTER in the film who works for his DAD and in the verge of an chase act he meets this beautiful dilwali Kajol who has played mera , he falls for her , takes her on a short 5 Mins date , no sooner he realizes that Kajol is the daughter of his dads rival and Kajol also betrays him which gets him to depart from her , but then coming to a realization kajol makes a move back to SRK and he accepts her apology and they patch up , but no sooner something bad again happens where in kajol looses trust on SRK & their love story ends right there ... 15 years later SRK's Brother Played by Varun & Kajols Sister played by Kriti both fall in love & that is the point where SRK & Kajol meet each other after a gap of 15 years , Now the enimity between the 2 creates problems between Varun & kritis relation on the other hand Kriti & Varun Plan on getting SRK & Kajol together . So now what happens next? Do both the love stories work out ? DO varun & kriti need to sacrifice their love for the sake of their brother & sisters? Or does everything go well between the 2 ? Now dont ask me for more spoilers just walk in to the nearest cinema halls & watch this movie this weekend .


SRK is back with his charm & we cannot compare anyone when it comes to KING KHAN , he has kept up that charm which gets the audience whoo & whisteling with his every move in the movie starting from action to emotion he has done it all with such an ease . Coming to kajol believe me she looks stunning & gorgeous in every frame in the movie and has performed too good , Now these both together i have no words they are graceful , adorable and they can get any scene to be such realistic and emotional , then the youthful pairs Varun & Kriti have also been great though they didnt have very much to do , Rest on part dissappointed by the characters KING played by BOMAN IRANI & OSCAR played by sanjay mishra which at points i felt were useless in the context . Varun sharma and jonny lever comic time was great .


Soothing Music , Graceful songs , Awesome background score its just adds the romance ka tadka in the movie to get better feel with touching songs . GERUA , JANAM JANAM are already in the top charts & watching it on the celluloid is just such an cheershing moment .


Its a DOUBLE YO! GURANTEE watch , worth every penny you pay , its an feast to eyes with exotic shooting locations , SRK fans you dont need anything more than the KING himself so charming all throughout , SUper Cars drifiting & Classy action which you would never like to miss , All in a nutshell i would say is DOUBLE DHAMKA this CHRSITMAS for everyone , Go have a pleasent & cool weekend 


  1. Congratulations on your 100th review, and a very good one too. But I disagree with one thing and that is "Mind Blowing Classy action"-wait! Where was it, bro. It missed the real part, what a fan of SRK expects in a his film, i.e., the seriousness of SRK. I thought he'd be showing the same killer look of #Raees. We cannot wait for 6 or 7 months for #Raees, we all wanted that same "#Baniye ka dimaag aur Miyanbhai ki daring!" thing. We dont want to bow down to Salman Khan fans, not this time! When compared to #BajrangiBhaijan(consisting of only 3 main roles played by Salman khan, Harshali Malhotra and the best actor at present Nawazuddin Siddiqui), this is a just a film with "few un-necessary characters" as you wrote.

    1. What i menat about action was SRK has done it to the par unlike those movies where the hero kicks and whole lot of people start flying in the air overdosed action , in that sense if we see dilwale had a decent class of action

  2. and ya i agree SRK is best at experimental roles then these commercial films he has great potential FAN and RAEES will get him to his actuall avatar of acting