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Thursday, 17 December 2015


Calander Girls
My take is a BOLD 3 Star
Close to reality , Close to the fashion buzz & show biz industry are Madhur Bhandarkar movies,  this film from him keeps up the basic flavour and theme of his kind of movies. Its a one time watch , it has a few bold and a reality face off which gets us on the edge of the seat so as to be curious on thinking "AISE BHI HOTA HAI" , the star cast has 5 Girls in the lead who have delivered quite impressive act all together .


The film as  i earlier said is very close to reality it showcases the life of CALANDER GIRLS and the way they are treated in the society moving forward bhandarkar has even portrayed how indivisual choices made by the people in thie profession get them to face it on a very bad front and on a positive edge he has also shown how good choices can take you to make your profession a noble one and respected one. The screenplay goes with an perfect flow from the selection of the calander girls to the complete life history presented in that time farme of the movie . The timeline is well written & perfectly executed . Last but not the least what gets down the ratings i would say is a redundant plot that all bhandarkar movies convey which makes it very much predictable .  Over and all its a one time watch anyways


The 5 girls in the lead coined calander girls has done justice to their respective roles a few being bold , a few being emotional , a few being happy go lucky in the film .


Not too good not too bad stands exactly in between which undoubtedly makes it a one time watch , It keeps up the bhandarkar legacy and flavour in its story telling and plot . 

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