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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Angry Indian Goddess

Angry Indian Goddess
My take is a sensible 3.7 Star
Unlike the typical flicks where either story is compromised over masala or deviates from the theme ,this film keeps the key essence of the ultimate motive for the movie :) ,it has few ongoing serious issues of our society highlighted,its the first female buddy film which has a realistic touch of how women are treated today  & the challenges they undergo and a impromptu bachelorette celebration Unviels all the problems they face (y)


The story is fresh & clear which focuses on the current state of indian women , the way its being portrayed is commendable and gets you face the reality. Editing is what gets this film a few stars down and the climax is a bit of ilogical . The story is about 6 Gals who in their life are in some or the other way been caught up  either by the barriers laid on them or face extreme abuse , they feel lost in their lives , they have been like looser , they feel they are just being treated like a commodity who are just controlled , but they do not loose hope , enegry & i should remention double enegry come up as wings when they reunite for a bachelorette celebration and thats where all their problems come up in front of each other and they face it boldly . Now what are the problems all about?? how do they face it? and rest of the questions will crack out with a answer when you watch the film in the nearest cinema halls.

The ensemble cast has done a great job specially Sara Jane Dias ,Anushka Manchanda, sandhya mrudhil & Amrit have been super awesome.the director pan nalin who has written the story as well as directed it has got a kind of uniqueness in the narrative and has successfully stick to the motive of the movie which at the end delivers a very beautiful message.

Its a Worth watch @ Thetares , i say this for movies like this , always support and stand by movies like this to mint higher profits they do not how much potential for large scale publicity but the word of mouth is what gets it to achive heights . So walk in to the nearest cinema halls and watch this film this weekend

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