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Saturday, 21 November 2015

X Past is present

X Past is present
A movie directed by 11 film makers jointly deserves just 1.5 star 🌟.5 Rating
Unique plot and theme I must say. (y),no doubt a very well written script which is less massy :) unlike the usual flicks ,awesome performances but poorly executed on the celluloid with a messed up screenplay n bad editing :( leaving the audience clueless and disappointed by the end of the movie :(
The story is unlike those typical flicks if Bollywood this one keeps up its class in terms of the story write up and script but below the par screenplay makes it painful experience watching this movie 🎬  :( . The story is about a film maker who leads an imaginary life in reality where everyone in his life is a character and life is a movie for him :D , he gets into random relationships with the ladies he marries them and then all of a sudden dumps the lady all alone and films a story on his relationship with the lady  either his gf or his wife and then moves on to the next girl 👧  does the same breaks her heart and films a story on that and back to replacing the people in his life :/ . Finally he meets a cute girl at an international film festival who happens to have a conversation with him and she takes him on a quick flash back of his pointless life and he finally ends up realizing his mistakes .Now this girl also proposes him   finally what happens ;) ? Does he play around as usual or he gets back on a repent mode are all the questions which will tackle out with answers when you watch the film :)
Super awesome performance by the entire cast starting from rajat Kapoor has played the lead role of director in the film on the other part huma Qureshi , Aditi have delivered a flawless performance (y)
I do not recommend you to watch this movie @ the theatres as its going to prove out a painful experience digesting the stuff :-o Coming to the 11 directors who hav directed his film , they done it in parts and chapters each in their own way :P  but the pathetic editing and mismatch in transition makes the film a overall failure :( . A film to skip. :)
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