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Wednesday, 4 November 2015


A poorly executed film i go with 1.5 Star rating
Film tours on an unsual theme delivering you hardly  few laugh out loud moments and the rest just dissappoints you with random and chaotic narrative , over acting sequences and a complete waste of screen space. The film has a strong message & Gyaan to deliver but the poor exexution of the story and the screenplay makes it mess.


The theme as i earlier mentioned is unique and unusual , but the story fails to impress you as most of the scenes just pop up out of no reason & finally ends in sheer mess  . The story is about a bihari player who sells washing powder and who goes about his adventures with the women he meets , finally one fine day his GUN becomes golden leaving him awe struck , he finds for solution but dosent find anything that could reverse this and finally he get to know that its a curse that was given to him by grandfather of girl whom he cheated on & its supposed to be black magic , grandfather suggests him a solution that the day he finds his sould mate ie true love this GUN would turn back to normal & no sooner he meets the girl but he is not impressed by her beauty which leaves him in confusion rather a helpless situation where he has no choice to make , if he dosent   choose her his GUN remains to be golden forever and he dosent want that to happen , SO what happens next? Does he impress the girl and marry her ? does his Gun turn out to be normal ? On the other hand few gangsters are in search of GUDDUS GUN with an selfish desire to make money by selling his golden gun . Wat happens finally is to be watched out @ your nearest Cinema halls this weekend.


Kunal Khemu has been impressive and his comic time has been commendable ,on the other hand sumit vyas who has played the role of LADDU , GUDDUS best friend has also been naturally funny, Rest of the cast didnt have much to do or havent done much .


I do not recommend watching this film in the theatres , watch for its television premiere as it wont keep up the expectation , the film has no logic , no cinematic feel nor has enough laughter to grip you all together for a fun ride . A Movis to skip this weekend .

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