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Sunday, 18 October 2015


Typical theme inherited from old movies where story line streches out when 2 best friends Cross the thin line of friendship and fall in love unknowingly :P , its nothing but a rebashed version of JANE TU YA JANE NA and all films like this which fall in this genre :D .At every point of the film you feel you have written the story yourself as the story is very much predictable from the start to the climax. Not recomended for watch @ theatres, you can watch it on the TV premiere :D


Story is very typical going where you can be sure of what would happen the next moment ;) , as i have summed up @ the begening of my review in a line . The screenplay goes smooth though but there is something missing , an instinct that will bind you with a feel in the movie which makes it quite dull cinematic experience . The story in short is about 2 best friends ANUSHKA & ADITYA , both share a clear relation of understading and stand by each other , Now Aditya is getting married arranged by his parents and he seems to be pretty comfortable with the gorgeous girl RIYA his fiyonce :) , To be a part of his happiness , his engagement & wedding ANUSHKA comes all the way from London  they hang out have fun , go clubbing , no sooner ANushka reveals that she has a boyfriends and aditya takes is casually but as days pass on he starts feeling a kind of feel for anushka but he gets confused on what the feeling is all about :) , on the other end even anushka gets a clear feeling that she loves aditya & only aditya but she dosent express , she gets restless , depressed and extremely irritated with her life . She waits for aditya to express his feelings . Finally what happens? Do 2 lovers feel their love? DO they Unite? Or its just some kind of infatuation ? All this will be solved out with a solution when you watch this movie. :P


The debut actor DEGANT who comes from a kannada background has done impressive work though not exceptionally great , he has been average (y) , coming to sonalli segal she has been sweet <3 and great and the actress in lead role Anushka has been too good with her role :) . Coming to rishi kapoor in a extended cameo has been charming with his convincing role and acting , he is the farishta of the movie :D

Most of the music sequences and songs are puled out from old movies and there are songs like gulabi aankeh from the 90s which are been used oweing credits to the rightful owners of the song .The Party song which is a original track is fab and it will surely pump in a party hard mood within you. :P

ts not a worst movie anyway , its just repetative .I do not recommend you watch this in the theatres as it dosent offer anything new or hatke , it was surely a bad choice for a debut . Though if you can bear with a predictable plot and story which is typically making rounds in bollywood , you can go for it and have time pass :D . I

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