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Thursday, 8 October 2015


A perfect cinematic feast for movie buffs, Super Hit 4.5 Star
Get on a tour of reality of the justice system in our country perfectly narrated without flaws over 2 hours 12 minutes with curiosity , hope and finally the system leaves you unhappy with circumstantially convincing climax , this film keeps up the interest and longing amongt the audience as it transits with its super awesome narrative & screenplay which just keeps you eyeballs popping out in curosity.


The story is based on a real story of a double murder , which takes on complete twist angle investigation as it passes on every level ie from the police to the CBI & then CBI team to other CBI team but what finally wins is always the system which rules though it be right or wrong and thats beautifully portrayed with humour specially at the end of the movie where irfan khan gets out his humorous part when he defys the opposite CBI teams angle of investigation and proves it to be a mere joke . The screen play is just awesome and i have no words for the transition of the story as it goes butter smooth and flawless , one word and that is just awesome .The climax dissappoints a bit but thats the hard truth what our system is all about. the story is about a young girl who is murdered and on initial investigation its found that the care taker of the house has killed her but then he too is found dead , next angle of investigation goes my an assumption by police as honor killing by the parents which falls an prey to criticism and the case goes up to CBI and thats where irfan khan does his job perfectly ,collects every information and proff on the case , Narco tests are done , poligraphic tests are also done and 2 clear criminals & partner in crime are found but then irfan khans assistant goes ahead betraying him and forms his own team opposite irfan and the case goes over to him and their angle of investigation again comes to a conclusion that the girls father is the criminal , now finally 1 of these 2 versions of investigation are to be selected for final trial , what happens next? does irfans angle conclude to the trail on the 2 guys involved ? or the parents are found guilty as per the 2nd cbi teams investigation? All these will crack out of the pot when u watch this film in the nearest cinema halls


Irfan khan as always has been too good with his role , he convinces you completely and @ the climax you will love his comic time which will make you laugh genuinely . Apart from this tabus cameo is just normal and konkan sen has been great in the role of a mother .

Its a must watch at thetares , A  YO! GURANTEE WATCH , Time and again when movies like this release i always say support movies like this to mint higher profits and also win hearts . WORD OF MOUTH is one good promotion for movies like this . So go watch this film and its worth every penny you pay , do not miss this gem of bollywood

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