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Friday, 16 October 2015


I rate it a  hilarious 4 star 🌟 🌟🌟🌟
 Film is a solid youth material and strictly for adults :P this film is a power packed sequel to the prequel PKP which delivers u punches over punches , laughter outbursts which will make u go whooo & whisteling and a full too entertaining and masaledar story line up which is unique  in its own way unlike the stereotype typical movies. That one shot non stop 7 mins dialogue of a frustrated boyfriend is impressively back in a new avatar though doesn't match up well as good as the first one . 1piece of advice don't be judge mental or analyzing ul surely love this movie and have a lot of fun .
The screenplay over 2hrs 16 mins doesn't seem to ever make you feel its dragging it just blows ur mind with soo many laugh out loud moments   and hilarious punches tat 7 mins one shot dialogue is not as good as the first one as its a bit extra exaggerated and goes off the discussion but still impressive. The second half just goes a little Hodge podge  as things happen instantly and close down frequently may be that's why .5 star less . The climax is funny where the actor says sirf mummy ka pyaar unconditional hota hai and u see all the actors turning out to be maammas boy . The story is short is about 3 rommies ,the trio work hard , party hard and enjoy their lifes king size and one fine day they fall for their dream gal and then follows the story of their lifes after getting into relationship , all the nagging , irritation , manipulation , helplessness and finally gets all of them in the state of frustration and you see them compromising but then does it work out ,do they Suceed in convicing their girl firend ? Or they are heart broken? Are all the answers that will be answered when u watch this movie in the nearest cinema halls
The complete cast has done due justice to the role specially the lead actors have been too good and naturally funny  ie Kartik , sunny  and omkar .coming to the actress Ishita , Sonali and nushrat they also have done par justice to their roles and have been gorgeous cute sweet and funny as well.  Rest on part others have been impressive
Get your dose of entertainment and laughter outburst with a lot of fun . Watch it with ur friends to have masti and a lot of screaming all around .a Yo gurantee watch .. Poora paisaa vasool movie . Dont miss this it will make ur weekend more entertaining  ..
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