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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Baankey ki crazy baraat

My take is a one time watch 3 Star rating
It is a unique story which takes you on a hilarious ride of crazy pre wedding drama to proxy weeding comedy which will tickle your bones and make u genuinely smile, laugh and giggle all throughout d movie .
The story and plot of the movie is quite unique then the usual typical kind of movies , the screen play keeps you gripped with its smooth transition and punches of commendable comedy and fun sequences , everyone in the film is naturally funny . The story is about at 35 year old guy who appears to be  45years, and is insane in his behavior so these things along with not soo decent kundli he fails to get a match for him ,and that's when his family plan a plot to get him married by using the method of proxy weeding and with a ultimate motive to get him a beautiful life partner and all the planning is done rightly , they find a guy who is paid for this proxy weeding but finally the guy who was supposed to just be the part of proxy weeding falls in love with girl leaving baankey in trouble .. What finally happens ? Does baankey get his life partner ? Does the guy in proxy weeding suceed to convince them? Are all the questions which will be answered when u watch this film @ the nearest cinema halls
Sanjay Mishra has been geninuely funny and his perfect comic time has made few scenes even more hilarious, coming to rajpal Yadav he has done his role of a bhola 35 year old man 👴. Quite convince ably. Coming to Vijay raaz he has been damn funny and the say he delivers his dialogues and his acting is seriously awesome . Finally Tia bajpe has been superb with her expressions and looks cute all through the movie .
watch it to have burst of laughter , giggle and fun , watch it to get refreshed with the crazy weeding drama and comedy . Watch it for the ensemble cast and their hilarious performance . Its a one time entertainer . You sure to not be bored in this movie .  Consider watching this movie @ the cinemas

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