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Friday, 4 September 2015


Cinematically not great but this is a kind of movie where u need to keep ur brains home and enjoy the MINDLESS ENTERTAINER grin emoticon
My rating is an fulltoo entertaining 3.7 star 🌟🌟🌟.7
This installment is double the extravaganza and fun tongue emoticon
Exotic locations ,with the comedy k legends and their incredible comic time packed with an funny plot smile emoticon , hilarious punches and pinches of masaledar action 🎬 is what defines this movie wink emoticon Watch it with ur family friends to have ur dose of laughter all throughout the movie except the CLIMAX which is OVERDOSED and senseless which brings down the ratings if this movie
The story themetically goes as the previous instalment Ie the prequel WELCOME but with an twist that this time the 2 BHAIS grin emoticon MAJNU AND UDAY are back as THE REAL SHAREEFS actually confused shareefs who are looking for a shareef damaad for their beautiful sister but they get an notorious and d biggest gangster Ajju bhai and they seem to be unhappy with that , on the other hand the baap of the baap WANTED BHAI gasp emoticonmakes an wild card entry, what is his motive?, aage what happens next how do they plan to get ajju out of their sisters life , do thy suceed? tongue emoticonWhat is wanted bhais role and questions like this will be answered when u watch this film and laugh out loud at the nearest cinema halls . The screenplay goes smooth delivering u punches over punches ,the perfect comic time makes it even more hilarious keeping the audience laughing out loud all throughout grin emoticon
Its a large ensemble cast with some legends like emoticon like NANAPATEKAR , ANIL KAPOOR , PARESH RAVAL ,NASIRUDIN SHAH who have been too good with their comic time delivering a lot of cheer and fun around ,in one of the scenes ANIL KAPOOR is seen emulating his signature dance aage OhG tongue emoticon .... My name is lakkhan when the audience went wooee . NANA PATEKARS "BHAGWAN KA DIYA HUA SABB KUCH HAI " dialouge is epic and it makes rounds in the movie 🎬 around 8 times grin emoticon .Dimple kapadia and ankita have been normal , coming to JOHN ABRAHAM starting from his dimple to flaunting his abs he has done his best though he has not been great he has been impressive with his role ,he has been funny as well as aggressive and his looks in the entire film are killer completely dashing and dynamic and a good enough reason for the ladies out there to watch him on the large screen finally coming to shruthi Hassan didn't have much to do. The climax disappoints as its silly and senseless and very typical specially the scene when john Abraham comes hopping over camels in the desert and saves Wanted bhai , it was one overdosed scenes which goes beyond mindless wink emoticon
APART from Tute wedding di no other songs are that great .
The film is shot at exotic locations and a complete eye feasting experience with lavish cars , massive buildings and colourful and vivid city and afterall city hai hi toh itni superb ie DUBAI smile emoticon
A one time watch and a poora paisa vasool movie tongue emoticon Watch it for fun as the motive behind d making if this is to make everyone laugh so without judging on its logic and cinematic appeal watch it as a mindless entertainer n ur sure to laugh out loud and loud at theatres

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