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Saturday, 12 September 2015


My first Kannada film review and iam glad to say its mind blowing 4.3 star rating
The plot of the movie revolves around story in a fictional village named kamrottu , the plot of the movie is breath taking , the  film keeps u tangled tight with suspense till the end of the movie and suspense make rounds in instalments in the movie 🎬  The film score is a win for the movie as it gets the best out of every scene , the actors have done par justice to the role . The direction and story portrayal is highly commendable .

This film is a romantic thriller which revolves around three characters one of which is the lead 🎭 Gautam who is living  his  life at ooty one fine days happens to goto the fictional village kamrootu for fulfilling some customs in influence of his wife who Is scared on getting nightmares then set and go to kamrootu and then his wife goes missing there and in search of her gautam bumps onto his mysterious past which answer lot of his questions  . On the other end is a enthusiastic journalist sandhya who is in search of Gautam as she is fascinated by his stories her meet with Gautam and her journey with him in his hunt for his missing wife gets her as well to face the truth of her past . So what Is this all about ? What's the suspense ? Does he find his missing wife ? Why this village karmroutu so mysterious ? Are all the questions will will break its suspense when you watch it in the nearest cinema halls .
The background score is an bonus add to this film as the music goes perfect at exact scenarios giving a convincible feel in the film may it be emotional or thrilling scene .
Its a worth watch at theatres . A Yo! Gurantee watch . The suspense , plot , screenplay and the film score will blow your mind and heart ♥  and will take you an a mysterious and unpredictable ride and finally fascinate you and touch your heart with the climax . Worth every penny you watch

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