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Friday, 28 August 2015


A Story you wish were true 
My take a patriotic 3.7 star 🌟 🌟🌟.7 
This story that touches the realm of patriotism and emotion by portraying a fictionally calculated justice that could have been given for those 166 people who died in 26/11 attacks and after watching this believe me you will feel this story could have Been true . The climax is touching and leaves u with a salute . After Bhajrangi bhaijaan director kabir khan is back with this story which takes u back to that deadly day in the history of mumbai.I would not say its the best but its definitely not disappointing. Watch it ,its worth all the penny you pay 

The story is a fictional justice story written with a motive of explaining how justice could have been given to those innocent people who lost their lives , to those families who last their father ,mother or a child and to the nation who lost their soilders . The screenplay transits well but what brings down the cinematic appeal is the bad editing of the film and its scenes . The narration goes well and the scenes , the logic convinces you and equal no of twists follow up to create a kind of curiosity at times in the film specially in the 2nd half . The story is about a expelled army man who is sent on a secret mission which is even secret to the superiors of the country ,the mission is of getting justice to the innocent victims of 26/11 and giving a shoot and straight answer and a lesson to those who were responsible for these attacks and are still living their lives peacefully . So he goes on this mission to get back his respect that he lost after being expelled from the army . They plan the mast stroke game and strategy to execute it . And finally what happens at the end ie the climax and the execution of every plan just will leave u impressed . 


After a long time saif ali khan on the celluloid in a different role and his performance has been average the spark in the character seems a bit dull , apart from this Katrina as always not much expectation its just Katrina kaif presence in the film . 

Its a worth watch at theatres , though fictional story but it convinces you and gets u high on patriotic spirit and touches you heart at the climax . Some scenes in the film take you in a flash back of 26/11 . Watch it for this is one of those stories you would hope to be real. For all my reviews visit http://yoreviews.blogspot.in

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