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Monday, 3 August 2015


My take is a Realistic & Awesome Spectacle 4 Star
The movie revolves around 2 parallel stories which takes u on a realistic ride of their life and their problems and finally how they take a step ahead and over come all this even after being crushed between barriers & constraints of life like caste , guilt of sexual encounter, corruption etc. Watch this movie for its spectacular cast delivering flawless performance, its beautiful poetry & a story which will leave you with a thought on happenings in the society which drives on content & not on much hyper mellow drama.
This film  which premiered at this year's Cannes Film Festival, has won two awards-- FIPRESCI, International Jury of Film Critics prize and Promising Future prize in the Un Certain Regard section.


Highy driven by content this movie as i earlier mention takes you on a realistic drive of 2 stories one is devi played by richa chadha who is struggling to get out of guilt of her sexual encounter and seeking release from the captive of a greedy cop who demands 3 lakh for not making her encounter public and in this case is her father who is struggling to somehow payback that 3 lakhs and save his daughters dignity . And in this verge devi also faces a lot of vulguar & obscene comments from people who judge her over her personal choice . On the other hand the 2nd story is about son of a DOM who dreams to be an engineer meanwhile he falls for a girl whom he loves with all his heart but the twist calls for worries in their life is that the boy belongs to a lower caste and the girl of higher caste which creates a kind of limit within then still they plan to break the limits and dive forward ,their story takes on with beautuful shairies & Poetry.
The screenplay is just awesome but what is missing is a kind of detailing in its characters which could make the audience explore and know the characters better and few flaws here & there leaving this aside its Still its a worth watch for the story .
What happens in their life how do they over come all this etc will be answered when you watch the movie in the nearby cinema halls .

Perfomances :

High notch performances by the entire caste starting with richa chadha has done it to the par excellence in the role of a girl who is ridden by her guilt and badly treated by the society , she has been bold with her character and also been expressive enough to get that feel & pain in her acting . Vicky Kaushal who falls in love with a high caste girl has done seriously a great job , he has been perfect all through the movie , he has been great . Apart from this devis father sanjai mishra has been too good with his simple yet outstanding perfomance in the movie .

Final Verdict :

Though it has no extra added mellow drama or masala it has something which needs to be appreciated , something that most of the film do not have sensibly and that is the theme & story of the movie which drives it concentrating on the content . Watch it for the spectecular perfomances & the story . Support the effort behind such kind of movie making which is rare in bollywood . 

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