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Friday, 7 August 2015


My take is a one time entertainer 4 star rating
This film is a mix of everything starting from  comedy and fun sequences , impressive ritesh-pulkit combo &acting, beautiful message and theme ,short and sweet cameo, Surprising and touching  climax with typical happy ending .  Watch it for timepass because this is one of those rare movies which portrays  a beautiful message along with humour.
The film starts of with a few sequences which bore you and adding to it are few points where over acting just irritates you buy gradually the film takes off entertaining you and grabing your attention slowly as the 2nd half nears and post interval the film just rocks , in the verge we have the very beautiful jacquiline Fernandez making special appearances time to time and finally the climax just surprises you and wins your heart and leaves you smiling by the end .
The story unwinds life of 2 guys a Muslim and the other hindu, one from north bangistaan and other from south bangistaan a fictional place , these 2 guys  aspire to be terrorist with a same  motive of suicide bombing in an international religious conference after a series of misleading gyaan from religious heads stating that the  this activity will open their doors to heaven . They get convinced and set apart to execute their plan with a changeover in look and name ie the Muslim guy goes on the mission in a getup and feel representing hindu and the Hindu guy changes over as a Muslim   , they reach Poland where the conference is to happen ,they accidentally meet each other and become friends unaware of each others motive ,they collect raw materials and build a human bomb . Some days before the incident both these friends get to know each others reality and that's when the story takes a twist , what happens next ? Do they succeed in executing their plan or they change their mind and work towards peace? Are all the questions that will shoot u with answers this weekend when you walk in to the nearest cinema halls .
I should say watch this movie for one more reason and ie is RITESH DESHMUKH & PULKIT SAMRAT. Both have been incredibly good ritesh with his humor and pulkit with his charm ,they both as a combo will make u laugh , make u cry and and finally by the end of d movie make u feel the need for peace  . Jacqueline Fernandez cameo has been short and sweet she has very few dialouges to mouth but still she keeps the curiosity on among the audience and we wait to see her over and again

Its a one time entertainer , go for it to have ur dose of humour and fun with some emotion and if possible you will return back with a beautiful message for life 😋😋 
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