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Friday, 28 August 2015


The story of a dysfunctional family 👪 comes out more as a dysfunctional film as an whole 
My take 2.3 star 🌟 🌟1/3 
Loud movie with a lot of insensible scenes but theme and plot is quite good , still fails to impress because of a complete Hodge podge and mess created in the movie . The message portrayed @ the end is impressive . 


The story and plot is perfect dose of family film with some tadka but the narrative screenplay goes irritating at points with few unnecessary scenes . In the verge we also hav some comedy scenes to make u laugh , some emotion and mellow drama for the family audience and finally not so good dialogues . 
The story is about a dysfunctional family and a messed up relationship between asin and Abhishek in the film ,the family comes together after a long many years and face each other , argue with each other then slowly they start realizing the real inside story behind things that have happened long many years ago and that's when the family unites like never before , all the broken relationships rebadge and transform to be stronger and they stand for each other at hard times leaving behind a message "The only way to solve problems is to face them " Interval in the movie comes with a note all is not well and finally at the climax the movie ends with a note all is well . 

Abhishek bacchan has been quite good with his role as a son but as a rock star character he fails to bring that energy and visual appeal in his character . Coming to rishi Kapoor he has been impressive in his role as a father but he didn't have anything exceptional to do it was just a simple role and the same follows for asin. The negative role Mohammed zeeshan has been hilarious with his Humour and his charcter is the centre of fun all throughout . 


Not a worth watch at theatres , a movie to skip instead watch for other alternatives this weekend . Not more than a time pass watch . 

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