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Monday, 8 June 2015


I give it a 3* Rating
Though technically the screenplay is quite dull and the plot is little unrealistic half baked n predictable , this film manages to ENTERTAIN u in its own way tongue emoticon , starting with the gang feeding the corrupt people with currency notes served with pickle grin emoticon grin emoticon till the fast arriving climax you will find a lot of humorous moments to make u laugh all through smile emoticon The film keeps u LIVE allthroughout with its smooth flow and intresting tricks that the UNGLI Gang plays like emoticon ... The script could have been better , very less interaction between the characters and quite a predictable plot . The first half is hilarious , but second half is unimaginary which is a flaw , anyways it guarantees u a ONE TIME ENTERTAINER. Definitely not a typical KJO produced movie its different and fresh from the usual peppy stuff .

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