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Monday, 8 June 2015


A Disaster Not more 1 star ★
2.25 Hours of the film puts ur brain on analyzing what is the story all aboutgasp emoticon and when you finally try to get a bit of whats happening THE FILMS ENDS grin emoticon . The screenplay of the movie is dead flat with nothing to offer u , moving on the script revolves around 2 silly stories which run simultaneously and the director has badly failed in narrating the transition between 2 stories smoothly which leads to a lot of confusion and complication frown emoticon . Ranbir Kapoors extended Cameo in the movie can be coined as a complete waste of his talent as he has nothing to do in the movie gasp emoticon Jacqueline Fernandez is pretty as always and this time in a double role tongue emoticon The makers of this film call it a romantic thriller but there is nothing in the movie which even comes close to proving it grin emoticon . A complete waste a screen space frown emoticon only thing that deserves a applause is the background score of the film and some songs smile emoticonwhich earns this film 1 star smile emoticon The trailer n posters were so promising but film is utter disappointment unsure emoticon . A Movie to skip.....

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